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Published: 2021-07-04 21:00:05
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I was titillated by the noble notion of pursuing Interior Design way back in high school. In fact, this idea blossomed in my head like a beautiful dream. Long ago, I always thought that nobody could teach me how to be a good artist. Rather, I thought I would just follow my heart. Nonetheless, when I got into art, I found out that this did not include sculpture. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any institute that offered sculpture lessons in not only my city, but also in my country. Therefore, I started sculpting with extremely poor tools. I tried to give objects new shapes by removing some pieces. Additionally, I thought that I would apply similar skills while building. Further, I thought that I would also have the whole space to create objects with different patterns. From then on, it became clearly evident that I wanted to become an architect in the future.
My dream to become an architect soon seemed farfetched since architecture major was not available to women in my country. Since all the circumstances were against studying abroad, science was my alternative choice. While in my first year of studies, I received pleasing news that the Home Economics College would start to offer a program in Interior Design major. No sooner had I received that message than I rushed to apply since I strongly believed that the world of design was my new calling. I had faith that design was the only means of survival. Fortunately, I was accorded the chance to pursue Interior Design. This gave me an opportunity to sculpt in the space with new ideas and to share these ideas with others. As such, I took my studies seriously and worked hard in order to not only hone my skills, but to also learn the beauty the rewarding challenges of this amazing field. My hard work did not go un-rewarded. This is because I graduated top of my class and became a full-fledged interior designer.
With my passion in full swing, my knowledge flourished while training in a designer’s office. I became a demonstrator at Taif University in Saudi Arabia. My practical experience and exposure at Taif University helped me so much. I improved my skills and knowledge in Interior Design tremendously. These, I can say were the benefits exposure and experience. I also excelled in my communication skills in both academic and business worlds. I strongly believe that a person should pursue his passion and dream no matter what life hurls at him. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to pursue a Master's program in United States, all I did is to cordially jump at it. I accepted the scholarship since I knew that this was a significant positive step towards realizing my lifelong dream.
Since I became engaged in the design world, I realized that I will not stop looking towards widening my gaze to cover all the fields which are related to design. These include fields such as environment, energy sciences, and cultures. I also target to ensure sustainability in my country at large. Moreover, I am anxious to determine creative and new ideas in order to make the interior spaces more flexible and to cover people’s needs. Nevertheless, I believe that I cannot realize these goals without finding the right institution. I have conducted research on many colleges that offer Master's programs in Interior Design. Drexel University has stood out to be the best institution due to its intensive successful master’s program. Further, when I checked out the academic ranking of Drexel University, I became certain that Drexel University is the ideal platform of studying Interior Architecture and Design. I have faith that I will take up this unique opportunity and study hard. I will also try to develop my individuality since I believe that I can to make my name a memorable one in Drexel University and in architecture and design world as well.

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