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Published: 2021-07-20 12:05:07
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Dear Ms. Holbrook,
A recent spurt in the use of technology for business puts the limelight on the use of IM in the office. To comprehend the implications of the introduction of IM in the office, the advantages need to be taken into account. The introduction would indeed be beneficial for the company for several reasons.
The use of IM would be greatly beneficial in the process of communication with the employees of the company and the clients irrespective of geographical distances. This would reduce the expenditure of telephone too as IM services would also support voice conversations as well as video conferences. Quite unlike email, IM would provide instantaneous communication and thus makes the process of communication faster and simpler. The use of IM would mean reduction in spam messages. IM would also offer a chat setting where the entire workgroup of the company can meet and interact. The entire message history can also be archived by the messenger and thus no data would be lost. Apart from having multiple access options, IM also all allows to send attachments.
Thus, IM is a very powerful tool of communication in the present owing to its various facilities which can be utilized in the most productive ways in the business. Document sharing, whiteboards and graphics are all the features which add up to the utility of IM for business purposes. It is the way of the future and the company would be greatly benefitted if IM is introduced here.
Operations, Frito LayFunyuns
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