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Published: 2021-07-20 17:20:05
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Seminar week and time:(insert week and time of your seminar)
A. Case introduction (describe relevant case background and scope of analysis):
Management is a synergy of four dominating things which predominantly are, planning, organizing, leading and controlling and all of these things are essential to lead a team with perfection. This particular analysis is all about issues prevailing in living and working in the Korean market by minimizing the level risk and maximizing the level of interaction among the employees working in different workplaces in Korean market.
B. List critical management issues that need to be solved in order to achieve the specified goal:
1. Hierarchy of the organizations should be changed accordingly
2. Delegation of work and authority in System Consulting Group (SCG)
3. Level of interaction among the employees with management is too low
4. Less attentiveness of the employees among the decision making stance of SCG
C. List the most critical issue (which needs to be solved as priority) and justify why it has priority:
All of the above mentioned issues are important from the viewpoint of a company as all of these issues could derail the productivity of a company and also diminishes the total revenue of a company as a whole. Among all of these issues, third issue which is low interaction among the employees and management is the most crucial and important one form the viewpoint of SCG. The main reason behind choosing this issue on priority is that this issue could create lots of problems and issues for an organization as a whole and could also de-motivate the employees working for achieving the goal of an organization. SCG has to look forward to control on this particular thing in order to retain for a long span of time.
D. Key players (list individuals, groups or organizations who are involved in the most critical issue discussed in C):
SCG is a big organization and the issues mentioned above should not be there in the company. There are certain key players who can become an integral part of the issue and the name along with their designation is mentioned below,
- Andrew Kilpatrick (Principle)
All of these individuals are directly related to this particular issue and has to play their role as far as overcoming on the problem is concerned.
E. List appropriate cultural dimensions (they can be from different models) that impact the most critical issue discussed in C:
Cultural dimensions are extremely important to evaluate and it is vital from the standpoint of the companies. The cultural dimensions which have been taken into consideration in this particular issue is vital and it is found in different models in total. List of such cultural dimensions are,
- Individualism
- Specific
- Neutral
- Achievement based
SCG has to transform these cultural dimensions to make it more organizations and employee’s friendly
F. Describe how is this most critical issue perceived by each key player from their cultural perspective (explain using appropriate cultural dimensions):
The most critical issue perceived specifically by each key player is having low productivity from the employees of SCG. It is a matter of interaction level among the employees and the management which should be enhanced accordingly. Individualism is a cultural perspective which should be changed and transform to a level of team working as far as achieving the goals of the company is concerned.
G. Design an effective solution to your most critical issue, justified with insights from your cultural analysis in F. Explain how your solution will make the achievement of the goal (see p. 1) possible. Explain how it will be handled by each key player and why the solution will be accepted by them (use conclusions from your cultural analysis described above to justify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solution).
There are basically a big issue which has been identified in the company which also adhering with the cultural dimension in total which is individualism.
Every key player has to look forward to overcome on this particular issue comprehensively in order to retain in the business or in the industry.
It could be done effectively, by making smart and collaborative teams and then manage the work accordingly.
H. Describe how are other critical issues (which you listed in B) perceived by each key player from their cultural perspective (explain using appropriate cultural dimensions):
There are four different issues which have been identified in the above mentioned answer, but there are some more issues perceived by the key players from their cultural perspective
- Ellen Moore found that the quality assurance department of the company is not proactive and the productivity of this department should be enhanced accordingly
- Scott Adams shows his concern over low grouping and team management in SCG and it should be grow accordingly for the better future of the company
Presentation (formatting, spelling, grammar)
--- MAXIMUM LENGTH: 3 pages ---

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